UWW endorses Community Engagement in a Box

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Doing good is good for your business

The changing dynamic of the workforce demands an overhaul to outdated recruitment and retention approaches. The tools employers need are easily accessible and proven to work. They lie in strong corporate social responsibility. It is among the growing incentives to attract talent and retain great employees. United Way of the Ozarks is offering Community Engagement in a Box to help area employers strengthen their corporate social responsibility.

community engagement in a box

What is Community Engagement in a Box?

Community Engagement in a Box is a physical toolkit we’re giving to area employers. It contains a collection of resources to help leaders connect the dots between their employees’ community engagement and their ability to:

  • Attract and retain talent.
  • Create a more engaging and healthy organizational culture.
  • Boost their employee loyalty.
  • Help their employees become their best recruiters.

Organizations that do this well will have a consistent, competitive advantage.

“At John Deere, we believe that for a community to thrive, every citizen must have a chance to help achieve its success. That’s why we’re big fans of the Community Engagement in a Box toolkit. Through innovative resources like this, United Ways unlock opportunities for businesses and their employees to do more than give and volunteer. They allow them to join with an entire community to create and realize a shared vision for a brighter tomorrow.”

– Nate Clark, John Deere Foundation President

Inversion of the labor curve 

For more than 200 years, the number of workers exceeded the number of jobs available. But in 2018, the labor curve inverted. At that point, there was a fundamental shift that resulted in more jobs available than workers to fill them. Employers throughout the United States are experiencing a consistent No. 1 pain point – talent recruitment and retention. 

The current labor shortage is the result of demographic changes. As a result, the competition for talent today is fierce – and it will become more aggressive during the next decade.

SRC employees

SRC employees regularly engage in the community.

Corporate citizenship as a differentiator

Corporate citizenship (also known as corporate social responsibility) refers to a company’s responsibilities toward society. It is increasingly an expectation of employees, customers and suppliers. 

Can corporate citizenship work for you?

Our digital community engagement tool box 

The research collected for Community Engagement in a Box substantiates how community engagement is a proven tool for area employers to attract and retain talent. Our Corporate Citizenship site includes options on how to engage workforces in the community – via United Way offerings and beyond. 

We have a vested interest in helping address the needs in our community and making it a wonderful place to live. We need great people on our team and great clients to work with. A thriving community is more attractive to top talent and allows our clients’ businesses to prosper. That’s what we need to continue to grow our business.” 

– Gary Schafer, BKD Managing Partner 

The strength of partnerships 

Our local TV station KY3 produced a story on Community Engagement in a Box before the holidays. 

In addition, the Springfield Business Journal (SBJ) introduced Community Engagement in a Box last fall. We are including in the box a copy of that article, as well as information on a new effort to help reduce transportation barriers called theLets Get to Work Fund. 

SBJ podcast promot

Beyond the tool box 

Citizen Inc. launched in January. It’s SBJ’s new podcast co-hosted by our President and CEO Greg Burris and SBJ Editorial VP Eric Olson. The series focuses on how CEOs and companies are giving back and getting their employees engaged in the community to grow corporate citizenship and boost the bottom line. 

Community engagement is at the core of who we are as an organization. Our mission is to advance the quality of life in our community. Giving back is key to that mission. We encourage giving back not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it develops a sense of fulfillment and helps us stay connected to our community. Our employees can better perform their job duties when they are connected to the neighbors we serve as our customers.” 

– Gary Gibson, City Utilities of Springfield President/CEO 

Statewide collaboration to generate competitive advantage

Greg speaking at MAM

Greg Burris presents the value of engaging employees in the community during the 2022 Missouri Association of Manufactures conference.

United Way agencies in Missouri are forging partnerships across the state to boost Missouri’s ability to attract and retain talented workers. These partnerships will give Missouri employers a competitive advantage. Those state partnerships include:

  • Heart of Missouri United Way
  • United Way of Central Missouri
  • United Way of Greater Kansas City
  • United Way of Greater St. Louis
  • United Way of Mark Twain Area
  • United Way of the Ozarks
  • United Way of Southeast Missouri
  • United Way of Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas

Take the first step

If your organization is experiencing a labor challenge – or expects to in the future – partner with United Way of the Ozarks. Let us help you engage your employees in the community and strengthen your corporate citizenship.