We are our community's unifying force. We see the bigger picture. And, through our large collaborative network, we invest in needs that can’t be met by a single organization or person.
Donors decide how gifts to United Way help our community

You choose where to put your donation to work.

  • Combine forces with others through our community investment fund. General, or undesignated, gifts are pooled to have a high impact on our area's most critical needs. These gifts reach across our community, currently funding 21 programs at 14 nonprofit agencies in the Ozarks.
  • Direct, or designate, your gifts to help meet the needs of a specific group of neighbors or the nonprofit agency of your choice.
Community Investment

Community Investment Fund

Our community investment fund is created by donors who make general, or undesignated, gifts. Together, their money makes a significant and meaningful impact by supporting multiple initiatives to improve our community. Currently, this fund supports 21 programs provided by 14 nonprofit agencies across the Ozarks.

All programs supported by our community investment fund focus on championing children or providing pathways out of poverty.

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Veterans Fund

Veterans Fund

Our Veterans Fund provides emergency assistance to U.S. military, National Guard/Reserve and veterans in our 14-county service area. The fund is administered through a partnership with American Red Cross of Southern Missouri, whose caseworkers verify eligibility for the program.

Veterans can receive direct aid to meet immediate needs:

  • Medical (dental/medical bills, medication)
  • Shelter (apartment deposit, rent or mortgage payment, short-term hotel stay)
  • Transportation (auto payment/repair, local bus pass)
  • Utilities (electric, water, phone)

From July 2023 through May 2024, the fund supported more than 80 people by providing help with their expenses.

Cancer Fund

Cancer Fund

The Cancer Fund is a designated collection geared toward cancer patients in need of financial assistance. It helps defray expenses, including: housing, utilities and transportation to medical appointments.