Doing good is good for your business 

Changing workforce dynamic

Competition to attract and retain talent is fierce.

Most of the labor force is looking at employment and the world differently. Employees want more from their employer than a paycheck.

Strong corporate social responsibility is among the growing incentives to attract talent, enhance job performance, grow skill sets and retain great employees.

Community Engagement as the Differentiator

Corporate citizenship refers to a company’s responsibilities toward society.

Corporate citizenship is proven to be good for employees, good for the organization’s public reputation and good for the community.

United Way of the Ozarks offers a variety of opportunities to strengthen your corporate citizenship by engaging your organization – and your workforce – in the community.

What is Community Engagement in a Box?

Community Engagement in a Box is a physical toolbox we’re giving to area employers. It contains the collection of resources found on this website. 

We want to help organizational leaders connect the dots between their employees’ community engagement and their ability to:

  • Attract and retain talent.
  • Create a more engaging and healthy organizational culture.
  • Boost their employee loyalty.
  • Help their employees become their best recruiters.

Organizations that do this well will have a consistent competitive advantage.

“We try to balance culture and work. We ask ourselves, ‘How can I live my life values while having a rewarding career?’ Living these values inside and outside of work, our people represent who Paddio is. They become our natural recruiters.”
Stephanie Johnson, Paddio

Engage Your Workforce

Your employees want to help make a difference where they can.

You can help them! United Way programs provide offer a new environment for them to work together and strengthen their skills and personal connections.

“Our employees return from volunteer engagements with new skills. They come back as better leaders, hone their presentation skills, have greater compassion and empathy, and gain more knowledge about the things happening just a few blocks away.”
Andrea Brady, Great Southern Bank

Workplace Campaign

The United Way workplace campaign is about more than raising money for worthy causes. It unites your workforce and provides the opportunity to give back through donating, volunteering and speaking out for causes that matter to them.

Host a Workplace Campaign

Workplace giving campaigns allow employees to make a charitable contribution through payroll deduction, other payment methods and special events. Giving campaigns:

  • Promote teamwork.
  • Allow employees to network with different parts of your organization.
  • Build connection to our community.

Sponsor the Campaign Kickoff

  • Align your brand and reputation with helping make the community a better place for every person.
  • Help energize morale and increase your employees’ pride in their employer.
  • Be recognized throughout the campaign in print, digital and programming promotion.

Give a Corporate Gift

  • Make a powerful statement about your commitment to the community.
  • Display your organization’s values.
  • Boost employee loyalty and morale.

Match Employee Gifts 

This corporate giving initiative matches employee contribution to a specific cause.

  • Incentivizing employee giving.
  • Increasing the amount of employee gifts.
  • Boosts employee pride.

“Our employees earn Dollars for Doers and can direct those rewards to causes they are passionate about. We have committed $50 million over the next 10 years for our John Deere employees to direct funds to the causes they care about to help life leap forward.”


Get to Know Our Community

United Way of the Ozarks brings you unique and powerful ways to engage your workforce in our community. Your organization can help your people grow, connect and feel valued.

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