Connect the Dots: Education for All

Kandice RileyConnecting the Dots, Education

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by Tori Reaves, Marketing & Communications Intern


Did you know that one of the best ways to reduce poverty is through education? One of our community-wide priorities is to improve educational opportunities for all students. We work towards this goal by connecting the dots between local organizations focused on closing the achievement gap in education, the resources needed to meet this priority, and the necessary funds from our Community Investment process to make it all possible. By supporting data-driven programs and finding innovative solutions, United Way of the Ozarks is working to shape the future of our community.


United Way of the Ozarks directly supports nonprofit programs that work to remove barriers to education. Overall, 86% of students in our community graduate from high school. But what can we do to make this number even higher?

In this episode, we sat down with two of our partners, OTC Middle College and the Boys & Girls Club of Springfield, to understand the important role that United Way plays in supporting their efforts to close the achievement gap and promote education for all.

Are you ready to connect the dots and support education for all in your community?


When you donate to United Way of the Ozarks, you are directly benefitting our community’s most pressing issues. Without our donors, none of these initiatives would be possible. Your financial support means more than ever, especially during COVID-19.


Supporting United Way can also extend beyond financial donations. We always encourage our community members to advocate for those most in need. To help us spread our mission, you can be an advocate for United Way of the Ozarks by:


Our partner agencies highlighted in this video are always seeking additional support. Reach out the OTC Middle College and the Boys & Girls Club of Springfield to see how you can volunteer and help our community in new ways.


Ultimately, education is at the core of what makes our community stronger and better each day. When you choose to LIVE UNITED, you are supporting a community-wide initiative to close the achievement gap and ensure that every child has a great future ahead of them. Sign up for our monthly newsletters here to stay informed on the work United Way of the Ozarks is doing to make a difference in our community.