2024 Pre-Campaign ECM Survey

Preferred Way of Contact(Required)
Cell or Work phone
Please list which number you prefer to be contacted by and if this is a cell number or work number.
What is the overall feel of your campaign currently?(Required)
Did you attend the ECM Training that was offered in August?(Required)
Did you utilize the campaign toolkit that is published on our website during your campaign last year?(Required)
What were your most used/favorite items?(Required)
Bribing your employees with cake is NOT unreasonable.
Did you offer the Online pledge form to your employees as an alternative to the paper pledge form?(Required)
Was it user friendly?
Would you like this to be offered again in future campaigns?
Are you receiving the monthly ECM Newsletter?(Required)
Are you benefitting from them?
(we already asked Greg Burris for future fashion tips)
(besides telling your boss to give you a raise of course)
Did you provide presentations to your employees to learn more about United Way?
We may kid but we are dedicated to providing the best experience for you as an ECM as we are always looking for ways to improve!