Partner Nonprofit Compliance Statement

Partner Nonprofits receiving funding from the United Way of the Ozarks agree to the following:

a. The officers, directors, and staff of the Nonprofit Partner agree to endorse the United Way’s mission in terms of advocacy and volunteer service and will encourage financial contributions to the United Way campaign.

b. To post and maintain a United Way Nonprofit Partner sign, provided by United Way of the Ozarks, in a prominent place at each Nonprofit Partner facility or location.

c. To provide a link to the United Way website in a prominent place on the Nonprofit Partner’s website.

d. To display the United Way logo on all envelopes, letterheads, literature, brochures, etc. associated with the funded program.

e. To include in all public service announcements, news releases, articles, etc. associated with the funded program, wording to the effect that the organization is a United Way Partner Nonprofit.

f. To submit all budget and financial information requested by United Way, including an annual audit by a qualified and independent auditor if the Nonprofit Partner’s annual budget exceeds $100,000.

g. To furnish United Way with periodic financial and statistical reports as requested.

h. To provide United Way with program performance data on an interval of 12 months and 24 months after receiving program funding.

i. To list the Nonprofit Partner and program information in the United Way 2-1-1 database and update this information every 12 months.

j. To fully abide by the United Way Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement & Pledge, Code of Conduct & Ethics, and Confidentiality Agreement.

k. To like and follow United Way on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, if the Nonprofit Partner utilizes these social media platforms.

l. To run a United Way workplace campaign.