UWO Team Complete for the First Time in Two Years

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Retirements. New opportunities. And a pandemic. All were contributing factors to multiple vacancies experienced by the United Way of the Ozarks team beginning in 2019. After lifting a hiring freeze and conducting a strategic reorganization, the office is now fully staffed. It’s also embarking on … Read More

More than 200 volunteers rally around area nonprofits during the second United Way of the Ozarks Day of Caring in 2021 

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“It’s been a hard past year, and we’ve been fortunate,” said Clarissa Shea, claims coordinator for American National during United Way of the Ozarks Day of Caring. “We met a lot of really cool people from another company in town. We got to build new relationships and learn about the Girl … Read More

COVID-19 Response: Mental Health Advocacy

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COVID-19 Community Response: Mental Health Advocacy

United Way of the Ozarks has worked diligently to connect communities and people during this past year. Through facing a health crisis, our community has persevered to navigate the new innovations, protocols, and needs that the COVID-19 crisis has inflicted in our community. Our partner … Read More

COVID-19 Response: Changing lives through literacy

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COVID-19 Community Response: Changing Lives Through Literacy

United Way of the Ozarks is committed to supporting our partner nonprofits, including Ozarks Literacy Council. Ozarks Literacy Council seeks to “unlock the life-changing power of literacy for every willing learner.” It provides programs, including free one-on-one tutoring, to promote literacy in Southwest Missouri. During … Read More

COVID-19 Response: Knitting for a Cause

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Throughout the COVID-19 health crisis, United Way of the Ozarks continued support of local partner nonprofits, including Harmony House. Harmony House “provides shelter, advocacy and education to survivors of domestic violence and promotes the principle that all individuals have the right to a life free … Read More

Rachael Walsh named Vice President of Resource Development


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United Way of the Ozarks is pleased to announce the naming of Rachael Walsh as vice president of resource development. Walsh began the role May 10 after serving as the organization’s director of resource development since 2018.   The vice president of resource development is a key member of the United Way of the Ozarks’ leadership team and serves as … Read More